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220 Series Deluxe Training Pads

220 Series Deluxe Training Pads


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UCS 220 Series Deluxe Training Pads are ideal for your climbing wall program as well as movement education, tumbling and other programs involving height and motion. World famous for quality, design, versatility, and a 15 year unconditional guarantee. The original UCS Training Pad is the most important piece of equipment for teaching tumbling and various motor skill movements. Our Training Pads are manufactured out of top layer of polyurethane foam and bottom layer of 1 3/8" polyethylene covered on the top and bottom with 21 oz. vinyl. The sides are covered with a vinyl extruded nylon breather material to give just the right amount of mat depression. Hinged in two areas to allow a quarter or a half of the mat to fold, the UCS Training Pad serves as an excellent spotting platform when folded. Available in 8" and 12" thicknesses. Each mat comes complete with twelve handles that are guaranteed not to pull out.

Sizes: As above

Colors: Solid Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Black, Orange, and Maroon

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