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See attached a couple of photos of the chairs.  The wrestling team and Coach Rock are impressed with the chairs and they are a great addition to the program.  Thank you very much for your services and all your help in getting them to us just in time!

All the best.

Brett Myers

Morgan High Schoo, UT

Morgan HS Deluxe Sideline Chairs Morgan HS Deluxe Sideline Chairs Morgan HS Deluxe Sideline Chairs


Hi Ken

Just wanted to let you know we started installing the pads at Burbine Forest in southern Montgomery County and we are really happy with them.  So far we have 8 of the 18 installed all done by volunteers to install them. I know they have been installed at the course in Glens Falls too and have had good reviews. 

Montgomery County is planning a Grand Opening at the course this Friday at 5pm.

Thanks for giving us a good deal on the price on those. 


Burbine Forest Disc Golf Course

Burbine Forest Disc Golf Tee Pads Installed Burbine Forest Disc Golf Tee Pads Installed Burbine Forest Disc Golf Tee Pads Installed



We just got the chairs.  We are super happy about them and how they look.  Thanks so much.

Joe Muniz
Belleville West High School


Hi Ken--

Our stools arrived yesterday--they look great!!!
Stacie McMullen
Associate Athletic Director of Business Operations
Eastern Michigan University



Hey Justin,

We’ve been very satisfied of the stirrups bought 3 season ago!  There is only 1 pair of the twelve that we bought that had trouble
All of the 11 others are actually still pretty good! The color is getting kind of light a little but we use them for more than 180 baseballs games and they didn’t tear or anything !!
If we change our uniform I’ll contact you for sure !
Here’s two pictures of our sets!

Custom Team Stirrup Socks Customer Image Custom Team Stirrup Socks Customer Image

Thanks for care


Just received the Order Confirmation for the sideline capes! Just wanted to thank you for your time and patience on all the questions, inquiries and multiple quotes I requested. It definitely was a pleasant experience and happy we were able to do business with Morley Athletic. Looking forward to receiving the capes! Thanks again!
Victor Manuel Ramos
Assistant Equipment Manager
Football/ Sprint Football
Cornell University, Athletics



We are very pleased with he new sideline chairs that we ordered from your company.  The turn around time was great and the quality is awesome.  These chairs should last many years.  The graphics came out fantastic.  Thank you again.  Very easy to work with.
Patrick J. Donlen, '74
Director of Athletics
Conwell Egan Catholic HS