Simple On Field Training Drills for High School Lacrosse

Simple On Field Training Drills for High School Lacrosse


High school lacrosse players need to continuously improve their skills and techniques to excel in the sport. On-field training drills play a crucial role in developing their agility, speed, coordination, and teamwork. In this article, we will explore some simple yet effective training drills for high school lacrosse players.

1. Shuttle Runs:

Shuttle runs are excellent for improving acceleration, speed, and conditioning. Set up two cones approximately 20 yards apart. Start at one cone and sprint to the other cone, touching it with your hand. Immediately turn back and sprint to the starting cone. Repeat this back and forth movement for a set time or number of repetitions.

2. Wall Ball:

Wall ball is a fundamental drill that enhances stick skills, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy. Find a wall and stand approximately 10 feet away from it. Throw the lacrosse ball against the wall and catch it with your stick. Vary the speed and angle of your throws to challenge yourself. This drill can be done individually or with a partner.

3. 2v1 Fast Breaks:

This drill focuses on offensive strategies and teamwork. Set up two attackers against one defender near the goal. The attackers must work together to create scoring opportunities while the defender tries to prevent a goal. This drill helps players develop their decision-making skills, passing accuracy, and shooting under pressure.

4. Ground Ball Wars:

Ground balls are essential in lacrosse, and this drill helps players develop their ground ball skills while adding an element of competition. Divide the team into two groups and scatter lacrosse balls on the field. On your signal, players from each group compete to gather as many ground balls as possible. The team with the most ground balls at the end wins. This drill improves players' speed, agility, and ability to control the ball in pressure situations.

5. Man-Up/Man-Down:

This drill focuses on both offensive and defensive strategies during extra-player situations. Divide the team into two groups, with one group having an extra player. The goal for the team with the extra player is to score, while the other team's goal is to defend effectively. This drill helps players understand the importance of quick decision-making, ball movement, and communication.


These simple on-field training drills provide high school lacrosse players with opportunities to enhance their skills, improve teamwork, and develop a competitive edge. Incorporate these drills into your practice sessions regularly. Remember, consistent training and dedication are key to becoming a successful lacrosse player.

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