High School Lacrosse Field Dimensions

High School Lacrosse Field Dimensions


Lacrosse is a fast-paced and exciting sport that has gained popularity among high school students. If you're new to lacrosse or planning to organize a game, it's important to understand the dimensions of a high school lacrosse field. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about high school lacrosse field dimensions.

Field Dimensions

A high school lacrosse field consists of several key components:

  • Field Length: The length of a high school lacrosse field is 110 yards.
  • Field Width: The width of a high school lacrosse field is 60 yards.
  • Goal Circle: The goal circle has a diameter of 18 feet and is located 15 yards from each goalpost.
  • Crease: The crease is a circular area around each goal with a diameter of 9 feet. Only the goalkeeper is allowed inside the crease.
  • Goals: The goals are located at each end of the field and have a width of 6 feet. The top bar of the goal is positioned 6 feet from the ground.

Field Markings

In addition to the dimensions mentioned above, there are specific markings on the field that help players and officials during the game:

  • Midfield Line: The midfield line divides the field into two equal halves and is located at the center of the field.
  • Restraining Line: The restraining line is positioned 20 yards from each goal and marks the area where offensive players must stay behind during face-offs.
  • Attack Area: The attack area is the area between the restraining line and the end line. Only a certain number of offensive players are allowed in this area during a game.
  • Substitution Area: The substitution area is located on the sideline near the middle of the field. Players can enter and exit the field from this designated area.


Understanding the dimensions and markings of a high school lacrosse field is essential for players, coaches, and organizers. By following the proper field dimensions, everyone can enjoy a fair and competitive game. So, whether you're a lacrosse enthusiast or planning to participate in a high school lacrosse event, make sure to familiarize yourself with the field dimensions mentioned in this article.

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