Easy Training Drills for High School Baseball Teams

Easy Training Drills for High School Baseball Teams


High school baseball teams require effective training drills to enhance their skills and performance on the field. These drills not only help players develop their individual abilities but also foster teamwork and camaraderie. In this article, we will explore some easy training drills that high school baseball teams can incorporate into their practice sessions.

1. Cone Agility Drill

This drill focuses on improving players' speed, agility, and quickness. Set up four cones in a straight line, approximately 10 feet apart. Players start at one end and sprint to the first cone, touch it, and then return to the starting point. They continue this pattern, touching each cone along the way. This drill helps players develop their acceleration and change of direction skills.

2. Batting Tee Drill

The batting tee drill is a fundamental exercise that helps players improve their hitting technique. Set up a batting tee in the batter's box, and players take turns hitting the ball off the tee. Emphasize proper stance, grip, and swing mechanics. This drill allows players to focus on their form and develop consistency in their swings.

3. Ground Ball Drill

Ground ball drills are essential for infielders to improve their fielding skills. In this drill, a coach or another player stands a short distance away and hits ground balls to the infielders. Players practice fielding the balls cleanly, using proper footwork and technique. It is crucial to emphasize quick reactions and good glove-to-hand transfer.

4. Relay Race Drill

The relay race drill is a fun and competitive way to work on players' throwing and relay skills. Divide the team into two groups and position them in a relay formation. Place a cone or target at a distance from each group. The first player from each team throws the ball to the target, and the next player catches the ball and returns it to the starting point. The team that completes the relay first wins. This drill helps improve accuracy, communication, and speed.

5. Live Batting Practice

Live batting practice allows pitchers to face actual hitters, simulating game-like situations. It helps pitchers develop their control, pitch selection, and ability to handle pressure. Hitters also benefit from this drill by getting real-time experience facing live pitching. Coaches can provide feedback and make necessary adjustments to improve both pitching and hitting skills.


Incorporating these easy training drills into high school baseball practice sessions can greatly benefit the team's overall performance. Remember to prioritize safety and proper technique during drills. Consistent practice and dedication will help players enhance their skills, teamwork, and enjoyment of the game.

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