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Shoulder Strap Model Speed Harness & Optional Belt

Shoulder Strap Model Speed Harness & Optional Belt


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These Speed Harnesses are designed top increase strength and speed.  One person puts on the harness and the other stand behind holding the handle.  The lead person tries to move forward while the holder provides the variable resistance required.  Available in two different styles.   MA16990 has a belt harness only and MA10981 features a shoulder strap harness for more evenly dispersed pressure and resistance force.

Using a Speed Harness will increase the rate of force production and develop maximum leg drive for top acceleration.  A speed harness is great for short and lateral sprints and forward, backward movements.

One size fits all.  The shoulder harness is foam padded with 2 large d-rings.  Black nylon strap with 2 hooks.  Tubular steel handle with foam rubber grip and hook.

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