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Lyon Expanded Steel Lockers

Lyon Expanded Steel Lockers


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Lyon Expanded Steel Lockers feature all-welded expanded metal that is the ideal choice for clothing and general storage in industrial plants, arenas, hotels, motels, hospitals, retail operations and schools.


Constructed of all welded heavy duty 13 gauge steel diamond mesh.

Diagonal design steel mesh at front and sides provides maximum air circulation and visual inspection.

Locker handles have built in padlock attachment and may be equipped with built in locks.

Locks are not included for our full selection of locker locks please see the locker lock section of our online catalog.

These lockers are available in single, double and six tier designs in a variety of dimensions as listed below.

Single tier lockers feature a full length door with three point latching system, storage shelf and a double prong coat hook.

Double tier lockers feature one double prong ceiling hook and three single prong hooks per opening.

Six tier lockers feature combination door pull padlock attachment. When you equip them with built in locks the key or lock serves as the door pull. Doors are perforated with 17/32" x 1 1/16" diamond shaped perforations surrounded by a minimum of 1/4" steel webbing. Sides are standard diamond design steel mesh.

Heights shown do not include legs as shown. Please add six inches to locker height when including legs.

Please specify color when ordering. Colors other than stock colors are available at no additional charge if ordering over 50 openings. See chart to the above for all available colors.

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