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Competitive Swim Belt 3 Meter

Competitive Swim Belt 3 Meter


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3 Meter Competitive Short Swim Belt : 9 ft. of tubing adjustable to any length between 5-9ft. Short Swim Belt is used for Stationary Swims or Resisted "surge" swims. 9 ft. of tubing will stretch to 22 ft. Assisted swims not recommended. Attach by threading waist belt through loop on opposite end - No knots. Use any positively stationary object near or in pool : Hand Rail, Ladder, Diving board foot. Avoid chaffing tubing. Great for Home or Hotel size pools and for Competitive Push-Off drills.

Product Reviews

Best cords on the market!!! 5 Star Review

Posted by  on 30th Oct 2014

My athletes love these. The ring allows for ease of turns in swimming fast both ways in the pool. The thicker walls allow for a longer lasting cord and seem to resist deterioration for longer.

Durable 5 Star Review

Posted by  on 6th Jul 2014

Great for strengthening in the water.

Best Belt and Tubing Available! 5 Star Review

Posted by  on 16th Jan 2014

We use these belts for our competitive USA Swim club. They are fantastic! High quality tubing and excellent belt. This is useful for resistance training or assisted swimming. We also use these to provide resistance off the blocks for swimmers to learn how to break out with speed. You will not regret this purchase!

Great for backyard pools 5 Star Review

Posted by  on 8th Aug 2011

I have been using a lane gainer for several years in the cheap all in one pools from WalMart and similar outlets. Have used it in a pool with a diameter of only 12' very well. I do recommend the frame sided units over the soft sided, the others tend to 'bounce' a bit. Just need something sturdy outside the pool to hook to. I do about 4-5 11-12 minute sets of different strokes, and while it's not an olympic training program, it gives me the chance to get a decent swim in a small backyard pool.

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